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About Annie

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: 265
  • Species: Dog
  • Current Size: 50 Pounds
  • Current Age: 8 Years (best estimate)

Annie is a sweet girl. She has had DNA testing done at the vet and is 100% American foxhound. This is shown in Annie’s personality as well, as she is all hound. 


Annie is thought to be at least 7, though it is a rough estimate. Her current owners have had her about 4 years. When they took her, she had just been rescued from outside living in the south. She was in extremely rough shape and definitely has a history of severe abuse and trauma. She is afraid of brooms and anything like it, thunderstorms, tennis rackets/bug zappers, quite a bit. She was going to be taken to the shelter, but her current family thought they would try it out. She has never been a good fit, and they have casually looked for a home for her for the years. However, she is an extremely sweet dog. There is not a mean bone in her body and she just wants to be loved. Because she is all hound, she is a bit rough around the edges inside the home. Despite her age, she gets some pretty intense zoomies, especially when it is time (or she thinks it’s time) to eat. She bolts through the house excitedly and is too much for her current family to care for. It is expected that she missed quite a few meals when she was living on her own and she really values them now! Annie is also known to get into the garbage if left unattended. There’s so many good treats in there that her family wastes, who could blame her? 


Annie has recently been diagnosed as hypothyroid. She is on daily medication (a small pill put it a treat, she is not picky) and it is inexpensive. She has occasional accidents in the house, but this has improved since starting the medication. It is believed that the untreated hypothyroidism is the cause of the accidents. 



An ideal home for Annie will have patience. She is sweet to meet, but may take a little bit to totally warm up to a new home. An ideal home will have time to spend with her. Right now, she is not allowed on furniture, but when she was, she just wanted to cuddle all day. Annie can escape a harness or collar, so a tie out is not an option. She should have a fenced in yard for her protection. Annie does well with dogs but she does get sick of her giant younger sister who bothers her constantly. She would prefer a dog that is low energy. Annie would love an older couple who can be home with her all the time, or would love some kids to follow around and play with. As long as someone can give her attention and patience, and she has a yard to be in in the sunshine, she will be happy with you. 



Annie’s likes:

  • PIZZA! She was originally found in front of a Domino’s. If you get pizza, Annie absolutely expects you to share some. 
  • Belly rubs 
  • Cuddles 
  • Being outside, sunbathing 
  • Teeth brushing time (yum) 
  • Zoomies (especially outside. She’s fast!)



  • Thunderstorms (sometimes Annie has to be medicated for anxiety, and thunderstorms is a prime example of this. She gets extremely anxious and scared, and even shakes. Thunder shirts have not helped this)
  • Toys (if you can’t eat it, why bother?)
  • Being left alone for too long (she may even eat her bedding. She does best with a cot, which her currently family will provide) 
  • Being fed dinner any later than  5:30pm  


All animal breeds and ages are a best estimate

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